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False Start; Fake Sports, Real Shots

A podcast about what's really important in the world, sports movies.

Imagine ESPN First Take, but instead we debate on issues from within your favorite sports movies.

Sep 16, 2019

Lindsay Heyman and Manus Clancy debate on She's The Man, questionably Amanda Bynes masterpiece and we try to figure out if Monique was really as bad as she seemed.

Sep 5, 2019

Football season is back and so are Lindsay Heyman and Manus Clancy  in this bonus episode to talk Fantasy Sports!  Should Manus repay his dad after all these years?  You make the call!

Sep 1, 2019

Jerry Morgan from the Fistful of Jokes Podcast returns to debate Over The Top with Andrew Van.  80's music, bad hair cuts, cheesy music, and Stallone; what more do you need?

Aug 25, 2019

Larry Simonson and Caleb Wesman return to debate on 2Fast 2Furious.  Times get real heated and we learn which of our hosts was "2Fast 2Furious" when this came out that turned out to be a heavy make out session.

Aug 18, 2019

Ben Burris returns to discuss the Karate Kid.  Was Daniel really the bad guy?  Find out in this episode!