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False Start; Fake Sports, Real Shots

A podcast about what's really important in the world, sports movies.

Imagine ESPN First Take, but instead we debate on issues from within your favorite sports movies.

Dec 23, 2019

The panel of Lindsay Heyman, Manus Clancy, Larry Simonson, Ben Burris, Chris Freeland return as we pick our Christmas Draft to make the perfect holiday.  Caleb Wesman was absent so Andrew Van becomes his surrogate to choose on behalf of Caleb.

Dec 16, 2019

Caleb Wesman and Larry Simonson return to discuss the hottest show, The Mandalorian.  Only 5 episodes are out but man is it fun to talk about.

Dec 5, 2019

It's National Cookie Day so that means it's time to break down and find out which cookie is supreme!

Dec 4, 2019

Andrew discusses Arizona Cardinals cornerback Josh Shaw for being suspended for placing a bet against his own team and the mental health awareness some athletes and coaches endure in their profession.